Want to grow? Get out of your comfort zone

Oct 24 2016
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Sometimes you just need to do something that scares the crap out of you.

Why? Because it reminds us that we’re alive and even more importantly, it reminds us that we’re growing.

On October 27th, 2016, I’ll be heading off to Thailand for one month to be scared, to learn, and to grow. Ever since finding yoga, I’ve been toying with the idea of getting my yoga certification. But, not because I wanted to be a yoga teacher. Simply because I want to explore my own practice more and look a little deeper. (And if I end up teaching yoga in the future, extra bonus.)

After months of just saying I would do it, I finally did it. The course is paid for, the tickets are booked, and now I just have to pack my bags and go.

As a human being it’s important to always be growing and learning but even more so as a trainer it’s important to continuously seek out new education.

The world is constantly progressing and thus the amount of information is too. How can we successfully train and progress our clients if we aren’t staying up-to-date and present in the world?

I love being a student and crave knowledge. With this certification, I’ll learn more about the different aspects of yoga, meditation, and anatomy that I haven’t been introduced to yet. Four weeks of focused study.

In addition to gaining my yoga certification, a month away from NYC is the perfect opportunity to reflect and get more deeply in touch with my passions, my dreams, and my purpose.

I encourage you all to find something this year that will help you grow mentally and physically. If that means something that absolutely terrifies you, then so be it. Now, it certainly doesn’t need to be a trip around the world but it does need to take you out of your comfort zone.

Although a cliché, it’s incredibly true: “the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.”

Change is uncomfortable, and uncomfortable means you’re growing.

Try a new type of fitness class. Eat food that you’ve never had before. Ask someone on a date. Smile at a stranger! Even the smallest of things can promote progress.

Whatever it may be, take the leap. Jump and have faith that the next step in your journey will catch you.

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ABOUT Alex Silver-Fagan

Alex Silver-Fagan

Upbeat and down for anything, Alex Silver Fagan, is New York City’s ultimate fitness dynamo. Alex immerses herself in all areas of fitness, but has built a reputation as a model, CITY ROW instructor, Nike trainer, and personal fitness trainer. The city is her playground, and she isn’t afraid to explore all of its possibility. She is a true inspiration to others who want their fitness to be part of their lifestyle.