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Jen Jewell is no rookie when it comes to fitness. She has been in the game for several years. Although she is known for her strong, sexy muscles, people admire her versatile “fun with fitness” approach to training. This is... View Article

At only 24 years old, Alex Silver-Fagan has gained some serious cred in the fitness industry. Her positive attitude and dedication to fitness have helped her achieve her own version of greatness. This is Becoming Alex Silver-Fagan. Check out more clips below... View Article

“Our bodies are built in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym,” that’s the FitMenCook motto. Kevin Curry created FitMenCook to show how food and fitness go hand-in-hand. It hasn’t been easy but for Kevin, every challenge has made him an even... View Article

Nate Boyer, former Seattle Seahawks long snapper, ‘never played a snap of football in the first 29 years of his life.’ After serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Green Beret, he decided to finally follow his dream… This is... View Article

What does it take to be a top celebrity trainer and professional badass? For Team Cellucor’s Ron ‘Boss’ Everline, it took courage to pursue his passion and the drive to see it through. This is his journey. This is Becoming Boss. ... View Article