Cade’s Explosive Power Prowler Workout

Oct 20 2016
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Want to build explosive power? Try these exercises to boost your athletic performance.

Prowler drags

The weight should be heavy enough that when you drag the prowler, it will position your body into a forward lean. Athletically, this is a perfect position when training for sprints and forward momentum (which is required in almost any sport).

High grip prowler push

When overloading the prowler push you are creating lower body power. I keep all the weight on my toes for a great athletic base. This also sets my body up for forward momentum, which helps me push heavier weight when moving the prowler.

Side prowler drags

If you are an athlete and you aren’t incorporating lateral movement into your program, you’re losing. Anything you can do in the gym that will transfer to the field will elevate your athleticism to the next level.

The key is to super set a prowler movement with some type of explosive movement like…

Standing box jumps

It’s not about how high you go when you first start implementing dynamic jumps into your training. It’s about how your body is moving. You want to move your hips and fast as possible to create an explosive movement. It’s about how much power you can generate with small amounts of movement. Once you get that down then you can go for height.

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Cade Cowdin

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