3 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Fall Short

Jan 12 2017
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New year, new you! Then life happens and your New Year’s resolutions fall short.

We’re closing out week two of 2017. If you’re already seeing your goals slip away, there are a few simple reasons…

1. Lack of Planning

“I want to lose 20lbs”
“I want to get stronger”
“I want to be healthier”

The common phrase here is “I want.” While it’s great to dream big, these statements aren’t grounded in plans. In order to achieve your long-term goals, break them up into smaller, achievable and realistic milestones. Want to lose 20lbs? Think about how you can achieve this goal given the timeframe, your fitness level and your schedule. Then, take the appropriate steps to get there.

2. Lack of Consistency

I recently heard a sermon that shed some light on the importance of consistency. The message was simple: a one-time statement or act of kindness isn’t enough to help you grow as a person. Growth requires you to take action every single day.

Look at your daily routines. Whether it’s household chores, personal care, or family matters, you take action every day to ensure proper maintenance and growth in these areas. The same principle applies to your fitness goals. Your actions build habits, and those habits, positive or negative, determine your success.

I have never achieved a goal by putting off tomorrow what I could do today. Every moment counts in building the future you want. The time to act is right now. 

3. Lack of Know-how

Once you’ve got your plans nailed down and you’ve fully committed to taking action every day, the next step is to do research. Put together a list of people who have achieved their goals. Follow their advice and learn their methods. Success leaves clues. It’s up to you to break the code and apply those learnings to your own journey.

So, how do you break free from the curse of broken resolutions?

Believe in your abilities, put in the work every damn day, and follow the lead of those who’ve already paved the way.

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